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Useful Tips for Learner Drivers

Learning to drive is a major milestone for every adult, as it signals the beginning of a new level of independence, as you will soon be able to buy your very first car. Of course, learning to drive has two main objectives; firstly, to enable you to pass the driving test, and secondly, to gain experience that helps you to become a competent driver, and with that in mind, here are a few useful tips for the novice driver.

  • Find a Good Driving InstructorFor young drivers in Taunton, there is an established driving instructor that has an impressive ratio of student passes, and with his help, you will soon master the basics. It is often said that a good driving instructor teaches you how to pass the test, then you learn to drive through experience.

  • Apply yourself to the Theory – The driving test in the UK is not just concerned with your ability to drive, you do have to have a good knowledge of the Highway Code, as the examiner will ask you random questions, and no matter how good your driving is, if you get these questions wrong, you will fail.

  • Be Patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t become a competent driver overnight, so expect to have at least 10 driving lessons before you take your test, and for some people, it can be longer, as the instructor will decide when you are ready to take the driving test.

Starting out with the right driving instructor is half the battle and when looking at driving schools, pay attention to their pass rate, as this is a good indication of their teaching abilities.









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