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Most Common Issues in Toyota Tundra II

The Toyota Tundra, Toyota’s full-size pickup truck offering, is popular among truck enthusiasts for its robust build, reliable performance, and high-quality fit and finish. The second-generation Tundra (2007–2020), known as the Tundra II, offered substantial improvements over its predecessor, including a more powerful V8 engine, increased towing capacity, and a larger, more comfortable cabin. However, like any vehicle, the Tundra II has its share of issues. This article will cover some of the most common problems reported by owners and technicians, with a focus on providing solutions to these issues.

Air Injection Pump Failure

One of the most common issues with the Tundra II, particularly in the 2007 and 2008 models, is the failure of the secondary air injection pump. This system is designed to reduce emissions by pumping fresh air into the exhaust system. When it fails, it often results in an illuminated check engine light and trouble codes related to the air injection system. Toyota addressed this issue in later models and offered extended warranties for affected vehicles.

Premature Front Brake Wear

Some Tundra II owners have reported premature front brake wear. This is often characterized by squeaking or grinding noises when braking and reduced braking performance. Regular inspection and maintenance of brake components are critical in preventing this issue. Changing to high-quality aftermarket brake pads and rotors can also improve brake longevity.

Exhaust Manifold Leak

Exhaust manifold leaks have been reported, particularly in the 5.7L V8 engine. A leaking exhaust manifold can cause a ticking noise during acceleration and reduced engine performance. In some cases, it may lead to an engine warning light. Replacement of the exhaust manifold gasket or the manifold itself is typically required to fix this issue.

Cam Tower Leak

Another common issue in the Tundra II, especially in the models with the 5.7L V8 engine, is the cam tower leak. This oil leak usually develops slowly over time, often detected as a burning oil smell or oil spots on the driveway. This issue requires a rather labor-intensive fix because it involves removing the camshafts to reseal the cam towers.

Water Pump Failure

Water pump failure is a frequently reported issue in Tundra II models, often leading to an engine overheating condition. Symptoms include coolant leaks, engine temperature increases, and steam coming from the radiator. Timely replacement of the water pump is vital to prevent severe engine damage due to overheating.

Transmission Shudder

Some Tundra II owners have reported a shudder or vibration when the automatic transmission shifts gears. This issue is most often noticed between the second and third gear. The issue can sometimes be resolved by updating the transmission software or performing a transmission fluid flush. In more severe cases, a transmission rebuild or replacement may be required.

Paint and Clear Coat Issues

There have been reports of paint and clear coat peeling or fading, especially on Tundra models subjected to harsh weather conditions or excessive sunlight. Regular cleaning, waxing, and parking the vehicle in a garage or under a car cover can help prevent these issues.


Despite these common issues, the Toyota Tundra II is a reliable and robust full-size pickup truck with a strong reputation for longevity. Like any vehicle, regular maintenance and early detection of problems are key to ensuring the Tundra’s durability. Remember to start most repairs by checking the fuses in your Toyota Tundra. It’s also worth noting that Toyota has generally been proactive in acknowledging and addressing these issues, either through recalls, extended warranties, or dealer service bulletins. As always, if you’re considering purchasing a used Tundra II, getting a thorough pre-purchase inspection from a trusted mechanic is an advisable step.

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As a parting note, while these common issues should be taken into consideration, they should not overshadow the overall quality and value that the Toyota Tundra II provides. The vehicle’s strong build quality, towing capacity, and off-road prowess have made it a top contender in the full-size pickup segment. Addressing these issues promptly when they arise, and sticking to a strict maintenance schedule, will ensure that your Tundra II remains dependable and serves you faithfully for many years to come.

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