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A Guide to Recycling your Car

If your beloved car has finally reached the stage when repairs are questionable and rather than throwing more money at the vehicle, it makes more sense to scrap the car and buy another, this article will help you dispose of the car in an eco-friendly way. The days of simply crushing an old car into a lump of metal are now behind us, as there are so many components that could be of use to other motorists.

Car Breakers Yard

Whether you are looking to scrap a vehicle in Lansing or Croydon, searching an online business directory would help you locate an eco-friendly car breakers yard, and they would be happy to take the vehicle off your hands. The car breaker would also handle the administration, notifying the DVLC that the car has been destroyed, plus they would pay you a good price for the car.

Stripping the Vehicle

Once a car arrives at the breakers yard, it is systematically dismantled, with all usable components cleaned and reconditioned, then the parts are added to the inventory, ready for sale to motorists who wish to save some money when purchasing parts.

Components often reused include the following:

  • Engine Peripherals – Radiators, water pumps, alternators, and other major components.
  • Lights – Headlights, rear light sections, indicators and reversing light consoles.
  • Seats & Upholstery – Interior dash, seats and panels.
  • Windscreens & Windows and Wiper Units.
  • Steering Racks & Suspension Units.

If you live local to a breakers yard, they would be willing to collect the vehicle, and once it is verified that you are the registered owner, they can remove the vehicle and pay you a good price.

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