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Job Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

While every young kid wants the oily glitz and glamour of the mechanic’s lifestyle, not everyone is cut out to do the heavy lifting. Fortunately, the automotive industry has something for everyone… even those who can’t tell an oil sump from a radiator.

Want to work with cars? There are so many jobs across the automotive industry that it is not even refined to cars. There are engines in boats, in planes, and in military grade technology. You could choose a path in design, contributing to the gadgets that furnish the inside of our vehicles. Among the hundreds of career paths you might choose in the industry, these are the ones that express the versatility and diversity of roles within this sector.

Exciting Career Opportunities in Auto Design, Manufacture, and Testing.

Behind every great car there is a great team of designers. They may not be as fast as an F1 pit crew, but they do have the expert knowledge to provide precision engineering to your vehicle.

Auto Electricians

There is a wonderfully strange skills gap between the mechanics who can make your car work and the mechanics who can make things like the cupholder or the dashboard lights work. An auto electrician studies electronics or electrical engineering so that they can apply this knowledge to the world of car repair and design. It’s a cool new area of mechanics which grows wider with every new Tesla in Dublin. This job can earn you €44k pa.

Engineer Manager Jobs

These are the people who make things happen on the initial design front for every vehicle produced. Engineers suggest design plans, managers drive every team in the same directions. The final plans and suggestions will go further up the tree for approval. In the meantime, the engineering team move onto fixing the smaller design faults. Later you may lead a team which oversees the manufacture of the design.

An Auto Body Technician

Auto body technicians repair damage to the bodywork of cars which need repairs. If the car is in an accident or bump, the body technician can buff out the damage and repair the body of the car back to its former high shine. In some cases they can touch up the paintwork, but the aim is not to need to. You could earn an average base salary of €31k a year working as an auto body technician in Ireland.

Bus or Truck Driver

Why not give into those childhood dreams and become a bus or a truck driver. What could be more fun than driving giant versions of vehicles around all day? The only step up for you after buses and trucks is excavators and bulldozers. It’s about the most fun your inner child will ever have in the workplace.

Searching for a college course or trade?

Lastly, don’t forget that many of the best jobs in the vehicle sector involve running garages in small towns, helping classic car enthusiasts buy and sell parts, and doing quick fixes for your mate that pays for a pint or two. Mechanics, mechanical engineering, buying and selling in car auctions – all of these allow you to spend the workday doing what you love.

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