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The 8 Best Reasons For When To Scrap Your Van

Every vehicle at some point becomes unwanted or unusable, no matter how much you love (or once loved) it. At this point, the vehicle can be scrapped. Read on to learn more.

What does scrapping or salvaging a van mean?

Selling a van for scrap means selling an unused or unwanted vehicle to an auto salvage yard or buyer. They will then be cleaned of pollutants and recycled into materials for other vehicles or construction. If the van is still roadworthy, it may instead be used for salvage, where it is either stripped to repair other vans or is fixed up for driving once more.

What’s the right time to scrap your van?

There are many reasons why you might want to scrap or salvage your vehicle. There are several reasons for scrapping your old van but some of the most popular ones are:

1.     Repairs are more expensive than van

If your van is worth more as a non-runner, then scrapping might be a good idea. The longer people own a van, the more money they spend on repairing it, and eventually, these costs exceed the value of the van itself. After you reach that point, scrapping your van is the best option considering you’ll still likely make a profit. We offer a competitive quote regardless of how old, failed, or damaged your vehicle is. After reading this, we are sure you have an answer to your question “should I scrap my van”?

  1. The van you own has been written off

When a van has been declared a write-off, it is likely either beyond repair, or too expensive to attempt repair. If your van is a write-off, in general, this is bad news and you’d be better off finding out what it would be worth for scrap instead.

  1. You want to get rid of it without selling

The process of selling a van can be annoying – cleaning the vehicle, contacting dealers, setting up viewings, taking photos, listing it yourself and haggling with private buyers. These methods take time and energy which you may not have. Scrapping the van or arranging for its collection can be as simple as clicking a few buttons (see the section on ‘how to scrap your van’) and your van could be picked up and gone as soon as the next day.

4.     It isn’t worth enough to be sold

You might find that your van just isn’t worth enough money to even make the effort of a private sale worthwhile, even if you do have the patience to arrange a sale. It may be a better use of your time and money to arrange for scrapping your old van if it is run down, battered, or requires extensive repairs.

5.     The van is missing some parts

Items are removed from vans by some people in order to recoup their costs by selling them individually or reusing them in the future. This will reduce the van to a shell that cannot run or function, which is ideal for scrap. Even if only a few parts are missing, it might still be more efficient to arrange for the van to be scrapped or salvaged rather than repairing it.

6.     The van is no longer needed

Many reasons may lead you to no longer need your vehicle – you may have upgraded to a new van, moved somewhere with better public transportation connections, don’t have room to store it, or are unable to drive anymore. When you don’t want to find a new owner yourself, selling for scrap or salvage is an easy and quick way to get rid of a vehicle.

  1. Fuel efficiency isn’t good in your van

Over time, fuel-inefficient vans can become extremely costly. Particularly with UK petrol prices at an all-time high it has become expensive for many people to keep their inefficient vans instead of scrapping them. They must spend too much money on having to fill their inefficient vans too often. Due to recent advancements in electric and hybrid technology, as well as the fuel efficiency of newer vehicles, it may be difficult to sell an older van, making scraping the best choice.

8.     It must be disposed of quickly and without hassle

When you’re ready to scrap your van, simply head over to any van scrap value calculator and compare the prices offered in seconds, with no hidden fees and free pickup. Upon selecting the best option for you, you can arrange a pick-up and the van will be ready to go.

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