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Service Centre Specials for a More Joyous Ride

What could be more exciting than special offers and deals that’ll leave you gasping? Well, these Ford service center specials offer you just that, at exclusive prices – so what are you waiting for? Get your car key, rev up your engine, and set out on this ride of brilliant insight into exclusive deals to improve your car.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is a service you can avail of if you notice your steering pulling off centre or dragging either to your left or right. It entails a repair of your suspension because that is the main apparatus that results in tyre de-alignment.

Battery Services

The battery of your car needs regular check-ups to ensure that it is in working condition. Sometimes, when you leave your car door open and forget your key in the ignition, it results in a faulty battery, due to which you might not even be able to start your car the next time you want.

Brake Repairment

Constant usage of your car will generally entail worn-out rubber brakes, and to fix that, and you need to immediately visit the nearest service centre and get your brakes fixed. This will ensure a breezier ride and a much safer one because no one would want to sit in a car with faulty brakes!

Coolant Change – and Why You Need It

Engine coolant also referred to as ‘antifreeze’, is a mixture of fluids that resist boiling in hot temperature and cold temperatures. When unchanged for long amounts of time, it can lead to corrosion around the radiator, pump, and other mechanisms near the car engine, which severely damages the interior mechanisms of your car. It is recommended to change the coolant every 25000 miles or so, but in some variants, the car may provide an added amount of 40000-50000 miles before you need to change it.

Tyre Rotation

With time and age, the wheels of a regularly used car get shodden and worn out. This is a pressing matter that requires your attention because a worn-out tyre can lead to fatal road accidents. By the process of a tyre rotation, the tyre can wear out evenly, which ensures a much safer degree of road travel for you and your family.

Service centre specials are something no one deserves to miss since they provide exemplary care of your cars at the lowest price. Hence, it is extremely important to have regular check-ups of your car done and avail of these services whenever you deem fit.

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