Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Review

The best all around half ton pickup currently on the market is the ram 2500 so the all new 2010 ram heavy duty has a lot to live up to this here is the gigantic Ram 2500 Laramie crew cab fitted with the optional Cummins diesel a trophy truck with huge dimensions and awesome capabilities. Though the coil spring rear suspension that makes the ram 1500 such a great riding truck has been abandoned for the sake of traditional leaf springs with their greater capabilities the suspension revisions here still provide this ram with the best most comfortable ride in the class it’s amazing how smooth and well mannered this break is on any surface.

Ram 1500 My truck has the 8 foot box so it’s a bear to park at the grocery store but in every other way the ram heavy duty is just that he’s in doing the work of a traditional SUV as it is and hauling payload or towing equipment. So what are those capacities well for this 4 by 4 model with the robust 650 pound feet of torque from the 6.7 liter turbo diesel you’re looking at 2270 pounds of payload and 12500 maximum towing. And can you imagine how spacious the mega cab is when the crew cab offers up this kind of room this is enormous and smart there’s in floor storage and easy to fold the 6040 split bench seat. Comfort is not an issue. Course climbing up into the rand could be a challenge even with the running boards. New led Dodge Ram led headlights. Tower over 99 percent of the traffic when you’re in here.

And with Laramie luxury like a heated steering wheel our media center system with nappy power adjustable pedals driver memory settings power sliding rear window backup camera remote start and on and on the ram 2500 is a luxury sedan riding on a truck frame. The Commons is a costly option in over $7600. Here it’s made it to the optional 6 speed auto and includes an exhaust brake and tow hooks. The EPA doesn’t rate this engine but I averaged about 12 MPG for the week. It’s 50 stay compliant to go if you’re expecting the quietness of some of the new passenger car clean diesels. Barking up the wrong tree here this thing is loud Walkley gets hottest once you’re inside. With all the bells and whistles including this gorgeous red crystal pearl paint this is a $53450 truck it shines in every way so if you’re lucky enough to be the successful foreman the ram 2500 will get the job done it ultimate comfort and style.