2015 Honda Accord Touring V6 Review

I my name is Lou coming. I’m hopeful Honda. Today I am pleased to present to the 2015 Honda Accord touring V6. Here at the front the vehicle we’re looking at the daytime running LED lights. We get into the dual projector each ideas as well which also come with the fog lights as and when we get into the touring under the hood. We’re looking at a V6, 3.5 liter engine producing 278 horsepower, with the earth James technology combined with the VCM which is a variable cylinder management we’re getting 9.6 lead US behind a kilometers in the city and 5.7 on the highway. So at the exterior of the vehicle we have the 18 inch rims and tires we had the 4 wheel disc brake system all the way around with the a BS, as well we have it also comes equipped with the VSA which is the vehicle stability assist. Because with the chrome door handles and we’re looking at the integrated turn signals as well which just underneath here we also have the camera for the lane watch for the blind spot warning. So taking a look at the back we have the V. 6 touring badging on the vehicle comes with the LED taillights for when you’re breaking. And we also have the trunk release which is featured to the proximity. Information about Headlights for Honda Accord Touring see at link: http://rentaldelight.com/honda-accord/headlights.html.

2015 Honda Accord Touring

Which also has the 0 percent full double down seats. Looking at the bottom of the vehicle we’re looking at the tool chrome exhaust with the chrome finish. In the interior of the vehicle we have the push start button. We have your still will mounted cruise control. Yeah audio controls as well which also controls the multi information display and you can insure Bluetooth as well on the steering wheel. Vehicle comes with the heat memory seats as well as the front and rear hated seeks. We have the power passenger and power driver seat featuring 10 way power. When we get into the navigation system this is a 3D, trilingual navigation system. Taking a look at the multi information display we can flip through the different options of. Audio settings. And we can actually go on it’s like music through your iPod or even a Bluetooth as well.

interior 2015 Honda Accord Touring V6

You have your soul climate control here and you can navigate through your navigation using these buttons here. The accord doesn’t just have a review camera. It has a multi angle rear view camera which I can change the views just by clicking this enter button at the bottom here. Going back to that lean watch that we discussed earlier by clicking my right signal I can actually get a depiction of my blind spot and instantaneous time. Turning that off I also have a button that will do the same feature as well. Those are the guidelines that I have for my blind spot and I can turn that’s going right back off again and continue on with my driving. Just below the rear view mirror you how the camera this feature is the front collision warning in the lane departure warning as well using that along with the safety features of the vehicle gets a top high I ate just safety pick and a 5 star rating as well. Thank you for watching the video coming from oval hunter this is little you can reach us at 905-844-9831 we hope to see you soon.