2007 Ford Fusion Review

It’s 1 of the best new family sedans for 2007 and no coincidence it’s also 1 of the best looking new cars to. The 2007 Ford fusion. This is the car connection’s video road test. I’m Marty Padgett editor of the car connection and the reason I’m smiling here is because the fusions become one of our highest rated cars on the car connection this year. Styling is one of the reasons the fusion work so well you might see some cues from other cars in its looks but we think it pulls it all together in a uniquely for the way it really evolved the fusions look into something more sophisticated. Is that really affordable over the Aston Martin grow. The interior is a success too very streamlined very sophisticated. Also missing a lot of buttons and knobs you might have seen another 14 terriers will get back to that later.

2007 ford fusion headlightsFord only offers 4 cylinders this year with the fusion. We haven’t driven the 2.5 liter 4 we’ve spent a lot of time in the 1.6 liter turbo 4 with 178 horsepower. It’s paired with either a 6 speed automatic and front wheel drive with a choice of a great 6 speed manual. There’s a 240 horsepower turbo 4 with a 6 speed automatic only an option of all wheel drive. And then there’s a hybrid model that returns. The best gas mileage the fusions ever had. It’s rated at 47 miles per gallon across the board. That city highway and combined. Now take the fusion hybrid at a larger battery and the ability to plug in for a recharge and have the fusion energy. Ford says that the energy version will have a higher MPG E rating than the Chevy volt or the Toyota Prius plugin and an electric only driving range of more than 20 miles. Ford Fusion also in 2007 received a new LED headlights and new rear lights more info 2007 Ford Fusion headlights.

Spend just a little time in almost any model of the fusion and you’re gonna fall in love. It has a nimble feel and well tuned electric power steering makes it Egerton driving feel more so than any other midsize 4 door we’ve driven. It corners firmly and flatly and it has just the right amount of given suspension travel. It’s a combination that goes off kilter and some of the fusions top competitors. Really we think only the Honda accord comes close to offering this combination. It’s probably not a big surprise that we favor the manual transmission option. You can only get in the 1.6 liter ecoboost engine. You can only get the paddle shift option with the 2 liter ecoboost engine though so if you like all wheel drive look for the titanium versions or the versions with the 2 liter ecoboost. The most powerful versions of the fusion are rated at about 30 miles per gallon highway. The fusion hybrid you’ll be seeing up to 47 miles per gallon highway.

Now the fusion hasn’t grown a lot in many dimensions but we find there’s much more headroom this time thanks to re sculpted front seats. They’re excellent by the way. And we’re seat legroom seems to have improved as well was enough for big adults. Trunk room has improved to. Even in hybrids where there’s pass through. But to the standard on most models and there’s a Sony audio system available and course Ford’s my for touch is available. It’s controversial them some of us like the ability to control some of the features like audio navigation through voice controls. Others find it kinda klutz. You don’t order my Ford touch this is what you get. A smaller 4.3 inch screen with hard keys and buttons for climate controls.

Radio and satellite functions. Preset buttons it’s a smaller less dramatic display for sure. So what’s the bottom line with the 2007 Ford fusion. I already it’s one of our top rated vehicles on the car connection as much for its dynamics as fort styling and for its overall value. It’s certainly not the least expensive families then you can buy. But it’s more than rockstar body. It handles better than any other family sedan we’ve driven and it doesn’t cheat on interior space. Now to read more check out our full review at the car connection and follow us on social media too on Facebook at the car connection and on Twitter at car connection. I’m Marty patches thanks for joining us.